Reputation points for public services

Rate public service allows citizens to give points to public services. Based on how public institutions reacted to events and on the quality of services offered, engaged users can show their satisfaction by giving good or bad points. I started this project as a reinterpretation of the penalty points system that the local government is putting in place for road traffic offences. I thought it would be a good idea to allow citizens to give penalty points to institutions. With this tool the public sector can know how it is perceived by the public and which services need improvement.

Such a service would be welcoming in a government that embraces openness and includes citizen feedback in its decision workflow. This facility would be beneficial in a society that encourages citizen engagement and promotes problem reporting at early stages. This is surely not the case here in Mauritius. It is for these reasons that I discontinued this citizen reporting tool, out of frustration. If someone is willing to build such a service, I would be ready to give the design work. See a bigger screenshot here.