CETI, Community education and technology integration

CETI was my startup idea submission for a technopreneurship competition. My idea tackles low success rates in primary schools that fall under ZEP. Here is the pitch:



Underachieving primary schools, better known as Zones d’Education Prioritaires (ZEP) schools have had questionable success since their introduction with only 46.4% pass rate in 2013. In an attempt to understand this poor result, it was found that:

> Teachers do not have easy access to data to track student progress and tailor their classes

> Administrative staff are most of the time writing letters/reports to various public bodies, leaving less time for useful tasks

> Visiting medical officers and psychologists often do not have any clue on the student’s profile and socio-economic background as data is dispersed across many departments and sometimes simply unavailable



Using data to build better schools by  leveraging analytics to learn about patterns of success and failures among students

> Predictive analytics allow administrative staff and teachers to take corrective actions early giving students better chances of success

> Government can use predictive analytics to redeploy resources only where necessary thus minimizing cost

I really like this idea because it demonstrates the transformative power of technology and its social impact. Students in ZEP schools often come from families with challenging social and economic backgrounds. Failure for them means missing out a brighter future due to skill gap and low literacy and numeracy levels. CETI has the potential to transform lives in these communities by increasing success rate and declining poverty linked to academic failure.

Unfortunately, the idea did not make it up to the finals. Do take a look at the presentation.