There are many different ways of tackling a problem and various solutions will have diverse impact on society. So using the expertise of individuals and groups, we experiment and discuss about possible answers. Investigating the problem at hand allows us to setup meaningful teams and also to identify root causes. Sometimes problems present similarities, so injecting experience acquired in past projects becomes relevant.

ifelse therapy lab

Spread love

Love is such a beautiful feeling and lucky are those who have known it and actually lived it. Working on a campaign to get the meaning of true love known and all those emotions linked with it.

Smoking kills

Smoking is a bad habit and and many people start to smoke at the age of 15, during their college days. An anti smoking campaign to help guide young minds and inform them about the consequences of  tobacco will be a good move.

Pakistan floodings

Everyone is concerned by the tragic faith of flood-hit Pakistan but donations are not coming as fast as it should be. I think something should be done to urge people to send in their help. Check out this photo set from British Red Cross to see the chaotic situation there.