The world in which we live faces innumerable challenges. Some problems are local to small groups of people and societies while other difficulties affect the world’s population and have become global puzzles. Tackling social issues like hunger and poverty and saving the environment is the responsibility of each one of us. To make a difference and so that efforts have a positive effect on the daily lives of people, creative and innovative approaches should be taken. In today’s connected world, it makes perfect sense to use creative media and to leverage the power of social networks to bring about social change.

Ifelse therapy was setup to use resources, knowledge and expertise of individuals and teams so that inventive concepts could be used to address social and environmental issues. Using creative and online media as medium and crowdsourcing ideas from social networks and talented individuals, positive transformations and awareness can be achieved. Though our primary goal is to setup community based projects, we sometimes initiate activities that will bring funds to support our many social endeavours. This allows a gain in expertise in different fields and also extends our network of contacts.

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