With all the buzz around HTML5, everyone is eager to make the leap towards web 3.0. HTML5 enforces semantic structure of web pages with new tags like <header> and <footer>, but using these right away is not a good idea due to browser issues and support. But you can implement some facilities right now in your current web projects.

  • Use this doctype: <!DOCTYPE html>
  • No need for “type” attribute to include links and scripts. e.g. <link rel =”stylesheet” href =”style.css”/>
  • Use this meta for charset: <meta charset=”UTF-8″>

If you are using popular CMSs like WP and Drupal, many plugins out there will help you in implementing semantic technology in your web site. Drupal 7 will ship with RDFa as a core component. You can also use microformats to inject meta data into your existing projects and make information like product reviews, places, and contact information semantically rich. Check out this guide from Google webmaster central.