Who am I and what I can do

Creating useful and pleasant looking websites require much work. The role of the web designer/developer is to firstly understand the purpose of the web site to be built and from that, strike the perfect balance between content presentation, functionality and aesthetics. By using free and opensource tools notable solutions can be attained.

As a web designer, I can craft designs that will reflect your business and respect set standards and brand identity.

As a developer, I’ll make sure that all your existing clients and future ones get the same experience in visiting your site whether they are on a home computer or on a mobile device such as a tablet.

I can also advise you on how you can integrate social networks like Facebook into your website so that your products and services enjoy great popularity both online and offline.

All this can be achieved through regular feedback and communication. So, interested. Feel free to contact me.

My name is Irfaan Nujjoo. I live at Grand-Bay, a coastal village in the island of Mauritius.

I like everything creative like visual communication, ads and fashion. So very often my hands gets itchy and I have to go back to my workstation and do something to satisfy the creative beast in me or do some craft works. Having great ideas is one thing, but transforming them into reality is some other story. I try my best to turn my ideas into real projects and hope that these bring a positive change in my life and those of other people.

Ifelse therapy was setup to use resources, knowledge and expertise of individuals and teams so that inventive concepts could be used to address social and environmental issues. Using creative and online media as medium and crowdsourcing ideas from social networks and talented individuals, positive transformations and awareness can be achieved.